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Re: strange processor (slow on AC, normal on battery)


On Sun, 2007-01-07 at 00:38 +0100, SoulChild wrote:
> Hey 
> i am so happy that there are some pros who having this same problem which is making me crazy since month... i have also a intel centrino M processor and exactly the same problem... i am using ubuntu and it boots 3 x longer if ac is plugged in and since i don t know to much about linux i have no idea what to do,... tried to deactivate the processor module but it didn t work... 
> did u solve the problem ?
> what can i do... please help... i tried so many linux distrs... and now i am so thankful that it seems to be hardware problem...

Unfortunately I don't have this problem solved. I tried on another
similar laptop as mine (I have an Asus A6VA and tried on an A6VM) and
there is the same problem.

Do you also have an asus laptop?

strawks <strawks@yahoo.fr>

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