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Re: No IceWeasel in etch?

On Fri, Jan 05, 2007 at 11:48:27 -0600, Adam Fabian wrote:
> I installed etch from a testing installer CD yesterday, and I wanted
> to install mozplugger after installing firefox, but it depends on
> iceweasel.   Is it propagating down to testing?  I did some googling,
> and people talk as if it was already in testing.

It did not make it into testing before the freeze:


I think it is possible to install the currently "unstable" iceweasel
.deb on an Etch system.

>                                                   Aside from that, I
> want to install mozplugger, and it depends on iceweasel, but my apt
> only finds a firefox.  I'd like to install mozplugger, and,
> presumably, iceweasel, since that's what it depends on.  I browsed the
> January archives of this list, didn't see anything that that resembled
> this problem.  I haven't used Debian in a while, but my recollection
> of testing was that packages in testing didn't depend on packages that
> weren't in testing yet, but I could be totally misremembering...

As far as I know, each package transitions independently from unstable
to testing, normally after a ten-day waiting period has passed without
any serious bugs being found. Quite often a set of interdependent
packages is updated in unstable at the same time, but they can still run
out of synch, for example if a bug in one of the packages requires a new
upload and thus restarts the waiting period for that particular package.
The fact that Etch is frozen due to its imminent release means that some
manual intervention is now required to bring iceweasel to Etch. I don't
know how that will be handled, but I would expect that a solution will
be found quickly to avoid the firefox licensing issue for the release of


> afabian@turingmachine:~$ apt-cache depends mozplugger
> mozplugger
>  Depends: m4
>  Depends: libc6
>  Depends: libx11-6
> |Depends: <iceweasel>
> |Depends: <iceape-browser>
> |Depends: epiphany-browser
> |Depends: galeon
>  Depends: konqueror
>  Conflicts: <plugger>
>  Replaces: <plugger>

I think the easiest workaround right now is too install either
epiphany-browser, galeon or konqueror. I would expect that firefox will
also be able to find the plug-ins once mozplugger is installed. You
could also use equivs to generate a "fake" iceweasel .deb to satisfy the
dependency (as far as dpkg can tell).


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