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Re: Unable to Unmount Flash Drive [Solved]

On 1/2/07, davide <lists4davide@gmail.com> wrote:
Baz wrote:

> Hello -
> I'm getting the following error message every time I attempt to unmount my
> USB flash drive.
> Error
> Cannot unmount volume
> The volume was probably mounted manually on the command line.
> Details
> Device to unmount is not in /media/.hal-mtab so it is not mounted by HAL
> Contrary to the message, I didn't mount it manually on the command line.
>  It's been occurring now about a week.  Previously, there was no problem.

try removing gnome-mount (if installed), it solved for me some weeks ago.

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Thanks.   I uninstalled gnome-mount last night.  So far, so good.

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