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Re: SSH doesn't work with RSA keys

On Wed, 03 Jan 2007 17:50:40 -0300, Alejandro wrote
> People, I have generated the key pair RSA from my root linux's user and
> then I copy my RSA public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys from the
> linux ssh server. After that I edit the sshd_config file and put permit
> rootlogin no and the correct path to the authorized_keys file. But when
> I execute from the client "ssh root@server" it doesn't enter and the
> password banner is showed. Here I put my debugs from ssh client and
> server and my sshd_config file from the server....I REALLY THANKS 

Try changing permitrootlogin to say "without-password".
This will block ssh root logins, but allow it only if your
using keys with it. (doesn't matter if keys have password or not)

Permissions and ownership of your .ssh folder matter too.
If it gets changed to something other than the default set when
its first created, then it will break the key based ssh login.
You can simply delete it, and attempt an ssh connection to somewhere
so it re-creates it with proper permissions.

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