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etch: evolution + gmail

I have Evolution working with gmail perfectly. Except one oddity:

When I first start evolution, I will get the following error as it tries
to connect for new messages:

> Unable to connect to POP server pop.gmail.com.
> Error sending username: 
> Please enter the POP password for draeath@gmail.com on host
> pop.gmail.com

It then asks for a password (which is already filled in as I have the
password saved. If I say OK, (whether or not I keep the filled-in
password or retype it) it just keeps firing that error.

But if I press cancel, and then choose "Work Online" from the file menu,
it connects, logs in, and proceeds to work fine. Next time I run
evolution, the same problem happens again.

I checked in gconf, and "start offline" is NOT set.

Any ideas what is going on? Is there any more info I can give in the way
of logs and such that may help?

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