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Re: Installation

On 1/2/07, Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
Phillip Thorpe wrote:

> Hi there
> Im installing the amd64 version of Debian, can
> anyone tell me if I need to download *both* DVD iso's?
> Surely it cant be that big?

http://cdimage.debian.org/  You only need the netinst business card in most

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To clarify, the netinst image is very small - the bare essentials to
get the installer running. Assuming that your network card works out
of the box on most kernels, it will then install the rest of the
system directly from the debian repositories (so you end up
downloading only what you need).

This works great if you have one or two computers and don't plan on
reinstalling like a crazy person. Otherwise, figure if which would be
faster: downloading the needed packages repeatedly or downloading the

In any case, the ISOs after disk 1 are only additional packages. You
can get away with using the first disk only, and once the system is
up, fetch the rest over the internet - provided that everything you
need isn't already present on disk 1.

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