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Re: can't see wireless card

Tom Raus wrote:
> Yes the error message that module format is invalid is related to for
> example your kernel source files not matching your actually installed
> kernel, or your kernel not living up to the expectations of the rt61
> install. I have a rt61 wifi card aswell and I installed it with a 2.6.17
> kernel (2.6.19 is giving me problems). I don't know about your system but
> upgrading your kernel should only take a few hours (especially doing it the
> debian way)
> Friendly regards,
> Tom R.

Alright, I guess I'll bite the bullet and go ahead with the kernel
update. However, like I mentioned above, I don't have internet access
on my machine (that depends on the wireless working ...), so apt-get
won't work directly. Could you advise which kernel packages I should
download? All that I could find was kernel-image-2.6.18-3-amd64-di,
which means the Debian installer kernel. Is that good enough? Or am I
searching the wrong keywords? And am I to expect a massive dependency
hell upgrading manually like I intend to? Again, very thankful for your
help and patience,

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