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Re: Wierd problem with a script that calls nail

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 06:36:05PM +0100, brian wrote:
> So, the captured output shows me that nail is not starting at all. My 
> init.d script calls mailtext.sh and both write logger statements that I 
> see in /var/log/messages. During startup and shutdown I see all these 
> messages, but no nail output. If I run any of the scripts, once logged 
> on via ssh as root, then everything runs OK.
> Can this be a permissions thing? Under what user do the init scripts 
> run? Nail executable has 755 and root:root.
> I am calling nail giving it its full path, so I assume that is not a 
> problem, I would have expected some kind of output if that had been the 
> problem. Hows about nail not boing able to find any .mailrc file?
Hi Brian,
you may be making assumptions about the operating environment that are
not true which affects what is happening. You may want to output various
things like 'env', or 'id' etc to see if things are affecting nail.
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