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Re: root on removable drive

draeath wrote:
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I'm trying to migrate to debian for the upcoming Etch release. I'm
currently using Ubuntu.

The only thing holding me back is the kernel will panic as / is absent.
My partition layout:

/dev/hda ( internal HD )
/dev/hda1 NTFS ( windows )
/dev/hda2 EXT3 ( /boot )
/dev/hda3 linux-swap

/dev/sda ( external HD, USB 2.0 (UHCI) )
/dev/sda1 EXT3( / )
/dev/sda2 extended
/dev/sda5 FAT32 ( shared space for moving files with drive )

In ubuntu, it works fine (and I can use UUIDs no less!).

I've tried using this:

and also this:

Both fail. Is this due to the kernel version? Ubuntu is running

Any suggestions? I REQUIRE / to be on the external drive.

Absolutely. Got the same problem here. I can install on a USB drive by copying/rsync'ing from a PATA drive, but I cannot directly install to there.

Is the problem yaird? That is what I use: mkinitrd.yaird. Yaird seems to need a running kernel to do its job.

So I cannot upgrade to a different kernel version from USB either, you get the same failures on the newer version, either the modules are wrong or the kernel panics.


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