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Re: how to copy and/or rip DVDs with Debian?

On Mon, 2007-01-01 at 18:33 -0500, vineyard saker wrote:
> I am DESPERATELY trying to copy encrypted commercial DVDs but nothing
> works.  Programs such as k9copy or k3b get cold feet with encrypted
> DVD so I decided to use the very good and simple CLI tools dvdbackup
> and growisofs. This is what I did:

As long as you have libdvdcss2, I don't think you should have any
problems making compressed copies of DRM-infected DVD movies.

> Today I bought three DVD+R(DL) and all went perfectly until I stuck
> the DVD into my regular (living room) DVD player which could not read
> it!  I tried on my computer with mplayer and it could read it with no
> problem whatsoever so the DVD itself is not at fault.  I can only
> conclude that some DVD players do not play DVD+R(DL).

That's true, some DVD players are very, very picky when it comes to
media support. In some cases it comes down to the brand of the blank
discs itself, finding a good brand that works good with both burner and
player can be tricky.

> Except.  Except that I was given several copied DVD by friends which
> my DVD player *did* play.  Which brings me to the only logical
> conclusion: there must be a way to "squeeze", for example, a 6.9GB
> movie into a "regular"  4.7GB DVD+RW.  (This is what the software of
> my windoze-using friends seemed to have done.)
> HOW DO I DO THIS WITH DEBIAN?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

Yes, this is what k9copy does, by way of a CLI program called vamps, it

> Many thanks in advance for any pointers on how I can FINLLAY copy my DVDs!!!!

Some of the packages needed, such as libdvdcss2 (and possibly vamps? I
didn't check.) can't be distributed by Debian, but can be found here:

> ==>>Also - how can I 'rip' a DVD into an mpeg or avi file?<<==

There are quite a few options available. But keep in mind that this is a
very CPU heavy process and doing this on a 300MHz machine won't be any
fun. (The same goes for re-encoding DVD to fit on single layer media).

Here are a few choices, thoggen (very easy to use, rips to Ogg Theora),
acidrip (GUI for MPlayer and MEncoder), using mencoder from the
commandline (be prepared to read the man page), using transcode (once
again, see the man page).

Sven Arvidsson
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