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Re: how to copy and/or rip DVDs with Debian?

On Mon, Jan 01, 2007 at 06:37:02PM -0500, vineyard saker wrote:
> Second - please bear with me, I am a DVD-issue newbie & ignoramous,
> but I need some help.
[big snip] 
> I turns out that I needed either a Dual Layer DVD+R (DL) or a Double
> Layer DVD-R(DL) which each have  8.5GB of space (This is the first
> time I had heard of such double-layer DVDs)
> Today I bought three DVD+R(DL) and all went perfectly until I stuck
> the DVD into my regular (living room) DVD player which could not read
> it!  I tried on my computer with mplayer and it could read it with no
> problem whatsoever so the DVD itself is not at fault.  I can only
> conclude that some DVD players do not play DVD+R(DL).
> Except.  Except that I was given several copied DVD by friends which
> my DVD player *did* play.  Which brings me to the only logical
> conclusion: there must be a way to "squeeze", for example, a 6.9GB
> movie into a "regular"  4.7GB DVD+RW.  (This is what the software of
> my windoze-using friends seemed to have done.)
> HOW DO I DO THIS WITH DEBIAN?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
> Also - the computer I work on is an ancient 300MHz machine without
> soundcard (too old) so there is no way for me to "check" a DVD on it.
> I can run it on anther computer (using a live-CD of BSD with mplayer)
> or I can try the living room DVD player attached to my TV.  This is
> the reality of not being rich and I cannot afford anything better.  In
> any case, I do believe that  dvdbackup and growisofs do not care about
> encryption in the least and they simply copy byte-by-byte regardless
> of what it is they are copying (yet another reason to use them instead
> of a GUI copying program).
> My burner is not the problem.  It can handle both DVD+R(DL) and
> DVD+R(DL).  Just in case, here is some info about my Maddog MegaSTOR
> 18X Triple-Format DVD-RW DVD burner (which supports Double Layer
> DVD+R/DL and Dual Layer DVD-R/DL at 8x)
> ==>>Also - how can I 'rip' a DVD into an mpeg or avi file?<<==

Hello Vinyard,

I'm new to the DVD issue too, but I'll try.

I don't see how a 6.9 GB data stream (movie, whatever) can fit on a 4.7
GB media.  

What type of media is it that someone else has created that can be read
on your DVD player?  Watch the + and -, SL and DL, R and RW as each is
different from the drive's perspective; noting I hope your typo above
re your drive handling "both DVD+R(DL) and DVD+R(DL)".  

As far as 'ripping' a DVD into an mpeg, have you looked at VLC?  I
haven't tried the text-mode component but it may do what you need.

I'm using Etch amd64 and the CSS magic lib is not available yet so I
can't watch DVDs.  Soon I hope.

Good luck,


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