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Re: Sarge or Etch for Apache 2.2?

On Mon, Jan 01, 2007 at 09:13:28AM -0600, Peter Michaux wrote:
> Hi,
> My new hosting company has standard choices of Fedora Core 5 or 6 or
> Debian Sarge. They suggest Fedora Core because it comes with Apache
> 2.2 which I want. They say that they could install Debian Etch for me
> because that has Apache 2.2 but Etch hasn't been officially released
> yet so this may not be a good idea. The sites I am running are only
> experimental and I would like to run Debian eventually. Any
> suggestions? Can Apache 2.2  be run on Debian Sarge?
I'd recommend just going with Etch.  As long as you keep the box
reasonably locked down, there isn't too much to worry about and it will
be officially stable Real Soon Now (TM).



Roberto C. Sanchez

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