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Nautilus,udev 3 Question

i am use Sid a few week ago the icons of partitions don't show anymore in nautilus or desktop of gnome ( AFAIK nautilus control the desktop icons ) if you mount  usb storage device the icon show up but the other partition not , even in place menu of gnome
so somebody know what happen with is a bug ? a feature ? anyway way to get back  ?

second question , i have a usb storage device ( external enclosure disk of 2.5" ) with a fat32 file system , i set a volumen name in windows "DATA" when i connect it to my Debian box it is mount with the volumen name "DATA" so is posible get the same way for example my sata disk with XFS that nautilus read the volumen name .

third question anybody can guide me for get this with udev+hal or whatever is in that process: i want get all disk that is not specific in the /etc/fsfab mounted and try reading the volumen name ( read the second question  ) and mount with that name and with the same permission that get a USB storage device with you mount it


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