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Re: Perl Programming within Debian

On Saturday 30 December 2006 20:48, Samuel Bächler wrote:
> Hi Rocky
> >  I'm thinking of learning Perl Programming. Can any of you help me get
> >  started on how to programming Perl in Debian?
> In my opinion you should go through *Leaning Perl* by O'Reilly. I quite
> liked it. I am sure you will find it somewhere in the web.

Second that--this is the place to start.

I learned PERL doing WIndows, did quite useful and sophisticated stuff using 
my own HTML parser (yes, they do have ready modules, but I did not know all 
that when I wrote it. Mine was better, I think. Later ported it to C++.) I 
did enjoy PERL.

PERL gives you a lot of rope to hang yourself though. Variable names are not 
as flexable as other languages--more like bad old basic and they can contain 
differing data types, no enforcement or warning of initialization, etc.

With Windows, we bought a nice debugger--any one know of such a beast GPLed 
under Linux? Being able to watch those vairables was a life-saver. A decent 
IDE would be nice as well (For using .net, one has Microsoft's Visual Studion 
in Windows--result can run in linux using mono). 

PERL style has changed radically over the years as has its usage 
(PERL==PErsonal Report Language and who uses it for this nowadays?). Object 
oriented programming (with silly syntax) can be as good as newer languages. 
PERL can be readable as c (but that is not saying so much).

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