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Re: APT problems (416 error and "uncaught exception")

On Thu, Dec 28, 2006 at 04:53:32PM +0000, John Halton wrote:
> On 12/28/06, John Halton <johnhalton@gmail.com> wrote:
> ...
> >Uncaught exception:
> >../../../src/generic/problemresolver/problemresolver.h:2216:
> >generic_problem_resolver<PackageUniverse>::generic_problem_resolver(int,
> >int, int, int, unsigned int, int, const PackageUniverse&) [with
> >PackageUniverse = aptitude_universe]: Assertion
> >"bd.broken_under(solution::root_node(initial_broken, universe,
> >weights))" failed.

I've encountered this, starting just a couple of days ago.
On a totally standard etch system.  Just before I saw this for
the first time, I noticed some activity on the network, with quick
fingers to run top I discovered that apt or apt-get was downloading
something.  This was the first time I had seen this, before I even
ran aptitude.  Previously only typing u in aptitude did this.
In any case, after that, aptitude never worked.  It is kind of
disquieting that etch seems to download things on its own.  An
apt virus? nah...

Furthermore, the behavior is different depending how aptitude is
run.  When running it from a konsole (after su), under kernel 2.6.18,
I get the above message.  When running it from a text console (ie F1)
aptitude just hangs after displaying: "Building tag database 100%"
It is possible to ^C out of aptitude then, but if left alone it just
hangs there.  In a text console under kernel 2.6.17, I get the message

> >If I try to use apt-get instead of aptitude, I get a pile of
> >dependency errors apparently involving almost every package on the
> >system. Sample output follows (issued command was "apt-get install
> >galternatives"):

I have resisted using apg-get as I know the aptitude databases would
then be out of sync.

I would certainly like to know how to get aptitude back, as I was
considering a total re-installation.  This is a test system and has
no user data.  BTW, this is the first problem I've encountered, before
this, everything went perfectly and the installation was very easy.
HW: IBM thinkpad 600E.  Ah yes, http_proxy is set to point to another
machine on the local net running privoxy, so aptitude goes through it.
This has never been a problem before.


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