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Re: iTunes & Linux (Debian)

>Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:

> MP3.com and pretty much anybody offering music in Vorbis.

That is why I have been following the news about allofmp3.com, it seems
that anyone who does not drink the **aa kool aide gets sued, and
pressured. It's not like the artists are getting much more money from the
**aa's compared to these sites.

What I can't figure out is why doesn't apple just support Ogg. Just allow
your players to play the format, and be done with it. You don't even have
to offer it as an option in Itunes. It would be nice, but most people who
use that service are happy with aac. Just give them an option to allow
them to play ogg playback, so those who like open source can enjoy it

For those looking for good flash players try some of the Iriver line, they
support ogg, and some have FM radio available. I have about a 3 year old
Iriver player which I adore, it even has direct encoding for other
devices. Bet some players don't offer that today.

Another aspect that I question is this whole WiFi player, seems to go
counter to what the industry wants. I love the idea, but if it is done
right how are you going to prevent piracy. Yeah I know you could do the
MS idea, but setting a limit on shares is just wrong in my book. Anyway
the next few years will be fun to see how all this develops. At least now
in the US the RIAA have to prove intent to share which is a good thing.

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