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Re: Upgrading to Etch

On Wed, Dec 27, 2006 at 06:24:31AM -0800, michael bailey wrote:
> I currently am running Debian Sarge (2.4.27 kernel)
>  on an old Abit BE6-II motherboard with a Pentium III
>  processor. The board appears to be failing now with
> frequent freezes, so a new motherboard (ECS RS482-M)
> and cpu (AMD Athlon 64) have been acquired.

marko is right, you should be able to install the 2.6 kernel without
removing the 2.4 kernel. I think what you need to check into however
is whether the backported kernel uses udev. This is a critical change
the could make your 2.4 kernel not usable (others can hopefully speak
to this more accurately). 

>     Any help with the above problem would be much
>     appreciated.

with all due respect, why not just install etch fresh instead of going
through all these permutations? It would be faster and easier. just
repartition yourself enough space to run a basic etch install, install
etch from that partition, but don't set up the bootloader. Reboot (or
chroot) into sarge to tweak grub or lilo .conf and away you go. 

thenyou can run them in parallel until your ready to switch.



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