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Problems of loading Tomcat at OS-startup

Hi list,

I'm quite a Debian-newbie, therefore please forgive me if I'm asking
some beginner's questions.

Anyway, here's my problem:

- I've written a startup-script to launch Tomcat 55 which I placed in
- The rights are set to ugo+rx go-w, owner is root
- Then I've created a symbolic link with sudo ln -s ../init.d/tomcat55
S71tomcat55 in the directory /etc/rc2.d
- the link shows up correctly in /etc/rc2.d
- when I start Tomcat manually via /etc/init.d/tomcat55 start,
everything works fine
- however, when I boot the system, Tomcat is not started. No info in
Tomcat-logs, and I couldn't find anything in /var/logs that gave me
the reason for this.

My runlevel is N 2, so putting the symbolic link into /etc/rc2.d
should be ok, hm?

Debian-version is Edge

Strangely, same config is working on Sarge

Before I'm posting the script: Did I miss anything here? Could
somebody please give me a hint what to look at?


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