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Re: Cronjobs get the wrong time stamp in mail record

David Liontooth(liontooth@cogweb.net) is reported to have said:
> I'm running a script as a cron job on four machines, and get an e-mail every
> time the job is completed. On three machines, the time stamp is the time of
> the completion of the job; on the last one, the time stamp is five minutes
> earlier. I've checked the time on the machine; it's correct (maintained
> with ntpdate). What could possibly be causing a mail to be timestamped five
> minutes (consistently) before the cron job it reports is over?
It would help if you, at least mention, which version of cron, and
what you are running (stable, etch, testing, or unstable).  Also the
same info on the machines that are working.  This list can give you a
lot of help but only if you help us, help you.


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