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Re: "Local Packages": can I use /opt/ ?

On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 19:07:52 +0700
"Ali Milis" <almilis@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Suppose there exists large-company.com and
> branch1.large-company.com. Both are producing "local packages"
> which may conflict with each others.

/opt may be better for one, since there may be conflict. The
FHS opines that /opt is really for large, static, software
packages. The /opt/ Directory
The /opt/ directory provides storage for large, static application
software packages. A package placing files in the /opt/ directory
creates a directory bearing the same name as the package. This
directory in turn holds files that otherwise would be scattered
throughout the file system, giving the system administrator an easy way
to determine the role of each file within a particular package.

For example, if sample is the name of a particular software package
located within the /opt/ directory, then all of its files could be
placed within directories inside the /opt/sample/ directory, such
as /opt/sample/bin/ for binaries and /opt/sample/man/ for manual pages.

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