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Re: PowerEdge 2950 with Debian Sarge

On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 01:48:11PM -0200, Erico Schuch wrote:
> Hello all
> I wonder if is ther any incompatibility with Dell PowerEdge 2950.
> I wish to use Debian Sarge stable with it.
> At the Dell site, they report the use with RH or Suse, but nor I can use.
> Same compatibility list ?
> Any sugestion ?

I know nothing abuot the poweredge, but these compatibility questions
for servers keep coming up, so...

you need to know what the hardware is. The biggest issue with sarge is
probably SATA drivers. Only a few were supported in sarge whichm eans
you either need a backported kernel or move up to etch. 


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