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making Etch RC1 CD images from DVD using jigdo contd.

Dear Debianists/jigdo people,

As I mentioned in earling postings the files on the DVD images and CD images do not seem to be a perfect match.

Using DVD#1 of Etch RC1 to make CD#3 of Etch Rcd1 using jigdo I once again found that a few files were missing from the DVD and jigdo had to collect them and incoporate them from a server I use.

I then produced a CD iso file that passed the checksum test perfectly. I burned the CD and eventually I will check its integrity with the Etch installer.

I then started to use the DVD#1 Etch RC1 i386 to make CD#4 for Etch RC1 i386 abd this time ALL of the files for the CD image were found on the DVD.

BUT when jigdo assembled the iso file it complained at the end that the chekcsums did not match.

I have burned the CD and will test it with the Etch installer later. If there is a problem I will make a separate version of the CD#4 image with either wget or bittorrent and make a error free image by that route,

I have learned to my cost with Fedora that loading an OS with CDs that have errors on them can be a nightmare. So I will grind on relentlessly until I have a clean set of CDs and DVDs.

I am now going to make CD#5 Etch RC1 from DVD#1 Etch RC1.

I will keep you posted on this.


Michael Fothergill

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