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Re: Palm III xe

On (18/12/06 18:58), Rob Wright wrote:
> I'm new to Debian, so please forgive me if this has been beaten to death. 
> Through Red Hat, Fedora, and OpenSuSE I've not been able to get my old
> Palm IIIxe to connect and ultimately sync. This is something I was really 
> hoping to be able to do with Debian but I'm beginning to wonder if it's 
> possible at all. 
> I have the original serial syncing cradle, with an USB adapter. Using the 
> serial connection and KPilot, the Palm acts like it's talking to kpilot and 
> tells me it's connecting and cleaning up but it's unable to sync, which is 
> farther than I've gone with anything else. That's using the configuration 
> wizard in kpilot, and autodetecting. Using the usb adapter gets me no 
> connection at all and the "unable to connect" message on the Palm itself. 
> I've told kpilot to use /dev/ttyS0 directly, and I've linked /dev/ttyS0 
> to /dev/pilot and tried it that way with no luck.
> I've found TONS of information through Google over the last year or two, but 
> nothing that actually works. Is it possible to sync up this thing with Linux 
> or have I been tilting at windmills? Assuming it is possible (I believe that 
> ultimately anything with Linux is possible given enough effort) can someone 
> point me to a dangerously simple and clear cut method for doing so?
> I have Etch installed, as of last Thursday. 

I use jpilot and for USB I suspect you need to use something like
/dev/ttyUSB1 (0,2 or whatever).



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