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dumb question about mounting iso file as loop device....

Dear Debian folks,

In the jigdo how to manual it says that you can update an image with jigdo either by scanning in the image from a CD or DVD


if you have an ISO file on your hard drive you can mount it as a loop device:

Here is some material from the how to on this:

On the other hand, if you have an ISO file you'd like to update, mount it as a loop device (you may need to be root to do this). Using Woody as an example:

     # mount -o loop woody-i386-1.iso /mnt

What does this mean?

Do you have to move the iso file to the /mnt directory and then run this mount command?

What is going on here?


What is the idea of a loop device?

Also what I want to do is to take the iso file for the DVD image of Etch and make CD images from it.....

I have both DVD that I burned of this image and the original iso file I downloaded with the help of jigdo.

It seems to take ages for the DVD to be scanned by jigdo before it can get around to making the CD iso.....

Would it be faster using the iso file on the hard drive together the loop command?

I don't need to update the DVD iso itself just make the CD images from it?


Michael Fothergill

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