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preserving vnc sessions across reboots

  Is it possible to preserve vnc sessions across reboots? I am currently using 
$dpkg -l vnc\* | grep ^ii
ii  vnc-common     3.3.7-13       Virtual network computing server software
ii  vnc-java       3.3.3r2-7      VNC java applet and command line program
ii  vncserver      3.3.7-13       Virtual network computing server software

The machine running vncserver has about 15 sessions running and I want to 
reboot the machine. Is there anyway to preserve all these 15 vnc sessions 
even after I reboot the computer? The software on the machine is not changed. 
The reason for reboot is that the machine is being relocated and the 
relocation takes such a long time that it cannot be powered on all the time.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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