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Slow window repaint under 'Etch'

Hello All,

Can anyone suggest a starting point for me to analyse the very slow repaint of windows following an unidentified update of 'Etch'? By very slow I mean that dragging a window across the screen results in quite impressive staggering of the window, suggestive of high alcohol intake:-) Performance in all other respects seems fine.

Relevant factors are: Gnome, ViewSonic LCD screen with ATI X700 graphics card running on an AMD Athlon 64 3200+.

Running similar software on 800MHz Pentium III systems - i.e. much slower machines - but with a different graphics card and a glass screen results in normal performance.

My guess is that something in 'X' has gone amiss, but all upgrades are current on all machines, so the only obvious place of difference seems to be xorg.conf. Does this make sense?

Thanks for any pointers including, if necessary, RTFM (with a hint as to which 'M').

Peter HB

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