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etch 965Q video 16:10


I installed successfully an AMD64 etch on my new Dell Optiplex 745. Everything 
I tested yet works fine (SATA, LVM, onboard network, sound), except the video 
output. The installer has not recognized the internal graphic (intel 965Q). 
Since I have a 16:10 display (DELL 2407WFP 1920X1200) and 915resolution 
doesn't support the 965chips, I have to use the i810-modesetting driver. But 
without success. On http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/ChangesForX11R72 I read 
that the Intel i965 chipset support comes in the 7.2 release, which is not 
part of etch. Do I have any chance to get etch working with my hardware 

On a second box of same type I installed opensuse 10.2 RC (this was before 
etch had the 2.6.18 kernel needed on this box ). Here my graphics work after 
manually configuring the xorg with the i810beta driver (this is the 
modestting one on opensuse).
But since I come from sarge and don't like the opensuse I would be very happy 
if I could run etch on my box.


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