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Re: dumb question about installing etch....

Michael Fothergill wrote:
Dear Debianists,

If I wanted to install etch as a net install, how do I do this? On the installation web page there is a choice of a weekly snapshot or a daily built image. The daily built image has a netinstall CD in it.

Is there a netinstall CD for the weekly one?

I have never tried to install Etch.

Suggestions appreciated.


Michael Fothergill

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Hello Michael

Having just installed the daily snapshot of the Net install 07 December, I found it was a pretty straight-forward business: ncurses interface and responding to a series of prompts. On most systems I understand that the default options are likely to be correct. There are Debian-specific tips 'n' tricks, but by and large those are post-installation. I come from a Slackware background though, and it uses the same ncurses install UI so I was okay with that. YMMV. I would suggest that, if you haven't already done so, at least skim through the reference on how to install on the Debian site, and allow yourself an installation "dry run" just to familiarise yourself with the process and options in situ. But, really, if you have any experience with Linux, you'll find it reassuringly familiar.


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