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Re: Debian and VMWare

First, make sure you have enough memory (if you assign 512mb to the VM, have at least 512mb available for each instance of the VM you want to run + what you need for your deb install + some spare memory).
Secondly, create the whole disk at once (do not use the ´incremental option´, or however it´s called, which sizes your disk on the fly).
These are the two most important perfomance factors in my experience.
If you take care of this, VM´s will run at about native speed.
Good luck!
On 12/13/06, Christian Christmann <plfriko@yahoo.de> wrote:

I plan to set up a Windows terminal server. In order
to easily backup the entire Windows system, I plan to install
Debian Sarge as base system, then VMWare and in VMWare
the Windows OS.

Will I get a decreased speed performance in the VMWare
Windows or will the Microsoft OS run approximately with
the same performance as when installed directly without Linux.

May I run in other problems (or restrictions) with my
Windows system when run in VMWare?

Thank you.


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