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Re: installing gutenprint on Debian

Michael Fothergill <mikef20000@hotmail.com>:
>  I have been looking on linuxprinting.org for help finding a driver for my 
>  Epson D88 that doesn't like being configured at the moment.
>  The site says that the driver for the D88 lives in the Gutenprint package.  
>  Going on the sourceforge site to dow load it has given me a tarball.....
>  I couldn't find a package for apt in synaptic in Debian Sarge 3.1 r4 that I 

The package has changed its name to gutenprint.  In Sarge, it's still

(0) heretic /home/keeling_ aptitude search gimpprint
i   cupsys-driver-gimpprint              - Gimp-Print printer drivers for CUPS           
i A cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data         - Gimp-Print printer drivers for CUPS           
p   gimpprint-doc                        - Users' Guide for Gimp-Print and CUPS          
p   gimpprint-locales                    - Locale data files for Gimp-Print              
i A ijsgimpprint                         - Inkjet Server - Ghostscript driver for Gimp-Pr
v   libgimpprint-dev                     -                                               
v   libgimpprint-doc                     -                                               
i A libgimpprint1                        - The Gimp-Print printer driver library         
p   libgimpprint1-dev                    - Development files for the Gimp-Print library  
p   libgimpprint1-doc                    - Documentation for the Gimp-Print printer drive

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