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Re: Crontab Problem

* Grok Mogger <linuximp@gmail.com> [061207 21:39]:
> I tried doing something like this in the system wide crontab 
> (/etc/crontab) and I was disappointed to find that it didn't 
> work.  It seems like the job just never ran at all.  Can anyone 
> tell me what might have happened?
> (This is of course supposed to be on one line)
> 00 22 * * * root nice /some/place/myscript.sh 1> 
> /other/place/logs/`date +%F`.output 2> /other/place/logs/`date 
> +%F`.errors

Did you have a blank line at the end of the crontab entry?  

>From the crontab man page:

    Although cron requires that each entry in a crontab end in a
    newline character, neither the crontab command nor the cron daemon
    will detect this error. Instead, the crontab will appear to load
    normally. However, the command will never run. The best choice is
    to ensure that your crontab has a blank line at the end.


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