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Trouble browsing secure web site (http://www.scotiaonline.scotiabank.com)

Hello List,

I'm having problems doing online banking at my banks secure website
listed in the subject. I have no problem using that website with sarge
but when I'm using testing or unstable pages don't load fully.

A google search for "scotiaonline linux" show that I am not the only one
who's bugged by this. I have no problem with other secure web sites so
that leads me to believe (but I am not sure) that there is a problem
with scotiaonline.com. I have read that scotiaonline's response when
asked goes something along the lines of "that's unfortunate" so I won't
bother with them unless I can find a difinitive source of the problem.

Anyone know how to do that?

This is not a debian specific problem. I know of others running ubuntu,
suse and fedora who have also reported this behaviour. If I just knew
what the problem was I'd bug report it to those who can fix it.

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