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Re: How do I do n-up printing with my layout?

Santanu Chatterjee wrote:
Hi Everybody,

How do I do n-up printing of postscript files in Linux using the layout of my choice? I can use psnup to convert a .ps file to one with say, 6 logical

I use mpage. It works great for me. I use it for two-sided printing,
two-up, two-up two-sided, and four-up two-sided. I made some little
scripts for that, as the options are a little bit arcane.


per sheet. But the problem with this is that the layout used, say, x
logical pages per
column and y logical pages per row (where x*y=6 in this case) is selected
by psnup.

I dunno whether mpage can do exactly what you want, but if it
can, it works very well, in my experience. It has options to
print 1, 2, 4, or 8 pages per sheet, and can do two-sided.
It takes two passes to do two-sided.

It accepts either ASCII plain text or PostScript.

Is there any way by which I can make this layout decision like
it is done in Windows?

I looked for a long time for how to do that, and couldn't. I
also tried exploring making different queues using CUPS, and
failed at that. I could create the queues, and nominally they
did what I wanted, but actually did not.

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