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Bash script question

Since there is a lot of knowledge on this list, I thought I'd aske

This may be trivial, but I'm not even sure how to search for what I
want to do.

I have a directory of files that are created daily using 
filename-`date +%Y%m%d`.tar.gz so I have a directory with files whose
names advance from filename-20061201.tar.gz to filename-20061202.tar.gz
to filename-20061203.tar.gz and so on.  Based on the date in the
filename, I would like to delete any than are X days older than today's
date.  So, I'm not interested in the actual created/modified date, just
the numeric string in the name.

Despite working in Bash for the past ten years or so, my shell
scripting skills are poor.  Logically, this seems like a simple test of
whether the name is older than the current day - X, but I'm having
trouble putting this into a script.

- Nate >>

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