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Re: How to use network-manager in gnome by non root?

gulfstream wrote:
I have installed network-manager and network-manager-gnome. But Only root
can use network-manager through nm-applet in notification area, other users
can not use the function of network-manager.

How to use the function of network-manager by user who is not root?


I am able to use the applet in notification area. I guess that in Gnome, you are given a choice to set your password key for your personal 'wallet'. You could set that password same as your login password (or maybe leave it empty? I'm not sure). This is the Gnome keyring manager that I am talking about. IIRC, you need this only if you want to save the password for any network device (e.g. wireless connections).

Other than that, you should be able to use the network manager applet as a normal user. Are you sure it is asking for "root" or "admin" password when you try to use it?


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