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Re: Smtp auth

> Am trying to get my postfix to send via relayhost
> Here's what I get from hughes.net site
> ***********************
> When configuring your SMTP server information, enable SMTP
> authentication then enter your email account (username@hughes.net) and
> your password. Passwords are case sensitive. View your email client help
> file for more information.

    * Note: SMTP authentication is not the same as SSL. Do not enable
> SAP or SSL in your configuration.
> ***********************
> Everything I can find on postfix is for using sasl. This, from hughes
> would indication NOT to use sasl. Do you guys know how I may set postfix
> to use my isp for outgoing?
I don't know if you've found what you're looking for yet, but in case you haven't, here's the lowdown:
It's alluded to, but not specifically stated: you'll need to add a "relayhost=....." line to your main.cf.  Also, don't forget to run postmap after creating the sasl_passwd file.
BTW, SASL is not the same as SSL.  You need to enable SASL to authenticate with your ISP's SMTP server.
Hope this helps!
-- Kevin

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