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reinstalling Sarge 3.1 r4 from a DVD....

Dear Debian folks,

I couldn't get the DVD mounting stuff fixed so I decided to reinstall the OS from scratch.

I tried booting from a DVD. This worked at the start but eventually ther OS wanted regular CDs which it gave the numbers for and would not accept DVD images as an alternative.....

When you make the choice of install sources /dev/cdrom is one

but not

/dev/dvd or anything like that. It doesn't like being force fed. I used nautilus to back up my work files but the cd I made of that doesn't like being read by the drive at the moment.

A slightly older back up CD I made in Fedora is read OK and I have used that one.

But on reinstalling what is good is that I now have two separat icons for the CD drive and the DVD drive.

I am going to experiment with trying to get apt-cdrom add to work with the DVD images...

How good is Etch at booting from scratch with DVDs only and no cheating with any CD images??


Michael Fothergill

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