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Re: problem with system clock

Dario Rossi napisał(a):

i have a etch installation, daily updated.

I am experiencing a problem with  system clock infact it "suddenly"
started running at half speed ( means that if i run "sleep 2", it takes
more or less  4 seconds to complete).

I recompiled the kernel upgrading it from 2.6.18 to 2.6.19, but the
problem remained.

I had an installation of vmware (just a test) and it seems that
everything started after i've  removed it...
Could it be possible?

Do u see any possible solution?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, I had problems with clock on sarge on amd64 but it was two times faster than normal in my case. I've faild to solve the problem. Nothing helped, kernel recompilation, new drivers...etc, nothing. We've installed gentoo on that machine and it was all fine with the clock after that. Unfortunetly this is not the sollution You're looking for. Do You have 32 bit or 64 bit machine? Does Your system's clock runs at half speed (i.e. is the time correct)? What's Your "uptime" output compared to real uptime?

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