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Re: backup archive format saved to disk

On Tue, Dec 05, 2006 at 09:43:55PM -0600, Mike McCarty wrote:
> Yes, FEC is used on all modern technology data storage that I know of,
> with the possible exception of CDROMs. I haven't studied the low level
> data storage format they use to know whether they use any FEC when
> storing data as opposed to music. I know the music format uses nested
> Reed-Solomon codes. For all I know, the ISO format has FEC embedded
> in it as part of the FS, though I doubt it.

If FEC is used on all media (except CDROM), is there any value in adding
my own FEC layer over top or should I just format the drive JFS and copy
my tar.bz2 backup file to it and be done?  (remembering that the drive in
the bank is only one of the sets of data I keep).

> >>>I'm focusing on the one-drive issue because this is one drive sitting in
> >>>a bank vault.  This is __archive__ (just like tape).  I have backup
> >>>procedures as a separate issue.  One of the places that backup data goes
> >>>to is the bank vault archive.
> >>
> >>If the issue is a drive, then you need more than one drive. If the
> >>drive itself fails, then you are SOL.
> >
> >So drive failures are atomic?  I.e. if in 5 years I go to read a drive
> If in X years you plug the drive into your machine, and smoke
> pours out, you are going to have difficulty reading any medium
> you may put into it. You are banking on the format of the tape
> or whatever not changing in that time. If the format becomes
> obsolete, and your drive fails, then you are SOL.



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