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Re: evolution vs firebird (or mozilla calendar)

On 12/1/06, H.S. <hs.samix@gmail.com> wrote:
I have been trying out evolution for a few months now, mainly as task
manager or calendar application (appointments, schedules, etc.).
However, it appears that it is not possible to keep two location in sync
as far as the Evolution calendar goes (home (Debian Etch) and university
(Ubuntu)). I am now thinking of trying out mozilla calendars
(firebird?). I guess that it has a calendar export feature, which I
haven't been able to find in evolution.

Firebird is a (non-Mozilla) database.  Sunbird is the Mozilla
calendar.  That being said, I'm not sure how easy it is to sync up.
If you use the calendar extension ("Lightning" is, I believe, the new
name) for Thunderbird/Icedove (if you're using that as your mail
client), there's SyncKolab, which stores your calendar entries as IMAP
messages (if you're using IMAP).  That places a lot of assumptions on
your system, and I don't recall if it does updates particularly
gracefully.  I know I tried that approach for a little while, and at
the time SyncKolab was sufficiently flaky that it drove me to Google
Calendar, with which I've been fairly happy.  The other function of
SyncKolab, synchronizing address books, is still something I lack.

(Also, I do not want to have a calendar server running anywhere at all.)

Does Google count?

If you want to get really wacky, keep your .ics file in CVS, updated
remotely through ssh.  I don't know if the calendar-refresh issue gets
any easier, though.

Michael A. Marsh

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