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Intel DG965SS woes

I have been running Debian Unstable for years.  A couple of months ago I 
upgraded my computer to a Core 2 Duo with a new Intel DG965SS 

Actually most of the upgrade was reasonably smooth - I move the hard 
drives (in a raid configuration) over from the old machine and it 
ALMOST worked perfectly.

X wouldn't start.  A bit of checking on the internet, and I discovered 
that I needed a version of AGPGART which was only to be found in linux 
2.6.19-rc1 and later.

So I duly built the kernel from source and turned it into a debian 
package and installed it.  This gave me a mostly running configuration.  
I have been waiting for Debian to catch up.  Now that 2.6.19 has been 
released - can anyone tell me how long before we should see an unstable 
package in the repository?  I looked at the developer package home 
page - but there is no indication there.

Second problem I discovered was an immediate system hard crash if I try 
to display video.  There is an apparently solved bug in the xorg i810 
graphics driver - but it hasn't made it through to Debian yet.  I 
looked for unofficial debs for this, but haven't found it yet. Anyone 
know of one?

Then today - for the first time since I got my new machine up and 
running I tried to use the CD drive (actually DVD /CD-r ).  Linux just 
totally fails to see it.  I've poked around on the internet and the 
only thing I can find is an article that says set the BIOS to use AHCI 
spec for the Sata controller (yet I can't find ANY documentation for 
what the various BIOS setting are - can anyone point me at some?) and 
to use kernel boot parameters of 

all-generic-ide pci=nommconf

I can't find any documentation what the first of these parameters does, 
although it doesn't work for me. Can anyone tell me what they mean and 
why they might have been effective?

Do I need a BIOS upgrade?

Alan Chandler

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