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Iceweasel/Firefox 2.0 and Java applets

Hi All,

Ever since I upgraded to Iceweasel (Firefox 2.0) while a Java applet is loading the entire browser freezes. Most Java applets aren't very large on the sites I frequent, but the National Weather Service radar loops and satellite loops are rather large, and/or their sites are slow, and Iceweasel freezes completely until the entire radar map or satellite map is loaded. If the NWS site is really busy it means Iceweasel will freeze for a long period of time (length of load times are in minutes when the site is slow) and the only way to leave the site is to right click the top of the browser, choose close, and and when the "force close" pop up window appears force it to close. I never had this problem with Firefox 1.x. If the site was slow, and I didn't want to wait, I could just choose another site from Bookmarks and surf away from the site. Iceweasel has changed all that.

Is anyone else running into this?

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