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Re: GPL X-rays

On Sunday 03 December 2006 22:56, Sven Arvidsson wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 21:57 +0200, David Baron wrote:
> > So I tried off Sid medcon (command line converter) and xmedcon (with GUI
> > and viewer). Segmentation faults, probably in common library used by the
> > two programs. Will try some of the stuff on google.
> Report it as bugs, you can use the "reportbug" package for this.
Will do.

I tried two from google: a KDE app kradview and aeskulap .deb package.
Kradview also fails. Aeskulap works fine.

DICOM (not a proprietary format as my doctor suggested, but) is an ongoing 
developing standard. It contains/consists of various codes as well as image 
data. Kradview found a new code, suggesting adding it to the DICOM database 
and then crashed. The error messages were in <stderr> or <stdout>, not a KDE 
dialog box. I would assume that the medicon libraries segfaulted for the same 
reason. Aeskulap is listed as ready of Etch making it a fairly recent version 
and this may be all the difference!

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