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Re: dedicated debian hosting

Tom Allison wrote:
> Can anyone direct me towards debian based dedicated server hosting
> companies?

    Dunno what kind of hosting you need but on the cheap(er) side would be Xen
virtual servers w/Debian installed.  Here's a quickie link:


    Personally I've been a customer of Unixshell (and their sister company,
Tektonic) and VPSLand.  Unixshell pissed me off recently.  Because of a snafu
they had to suspend new orders for their Xen service.  They encouraged people
to move off Xen to their UML/Virtuoso offering (which I did not like at all).
 Furthermore upgrades were also suspended.  That's all fine, but when none of
their representatives could bother to even read the offical support forums and
there were absolutely no updates for months on the status of their service
they completely lost me not only as a customer but a fan and advocate.

    I jumped ship to VPSLand and have not been disappointed.  VPSLand's Xen
offering is not as technically advanced as Unixshell's but know what, at least
VPSLand was able to accommodate my order and is responsive to my present needs
and concerns.

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