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Re: evolution vs firebird (or mozilla calendar)

Sven Arvidsson wrote:
On Fri, 2006-12-01 at 13:06 -0500, H.S. wrote:

I have been trying out evolution for a few months now, mainly as task manager or calendar application (appointments, schedules, etc.). However, it appears that it is not possible to keep two location in sync as far as the Evolution calendar goes (home (Debian Etch) and university (Ubuntu)). I am now thinking of trying out mozilla calendars (firebird?). I guess that it has a calendar export feature, which I haven't been able to find in evolution.

So, is evolution crippled when it comes to trying to copy one calendar data to another location? Or am I missing something here.

And, for scheduls and appointments, is there any other application in Linux which I can use and which allows data to be synced (or exported) between two locations?

(Also, I do not want to have a calendar server running anywhere at all.)

At least in Evolution 2.8, there seems to be an easy way to publish
calendars. See Preferences and Calendar and Tasks.

I tried to 'publish' the calendar to from my home computer to the calendar.ics file (under ~/.evolution directory) in my univ. computer (Ubuntu). But the Ubuntu machine's evolution doesn't read the new file -- its calendar doesn't get updated.

I also tried to publish the home computer's calendar to my univ. computer to a ~/calendar.ics file and then tried to import that file into the evolution calendar. But that didn't seem to work either. I am probably not doing something right. Any link about instructions on how to go about doing this? Maybe there are some things I am not taking care of someplace.


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