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Re: BIOS upgrade

Douglas Tutty wrote:
On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 11:35:07AM -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I need to upgrade my BIOS.

Generally it seems to involve getting freedos and putting it on a floppy with the updates.

Googling isn't clear on recent reports.

Has anyone done this lately and specifically how?

I've only done it once and that was on my new Asus M2N-SLI that has a
bios utility built right in to allow you to save the bios and update a
new one.  No dos required at all, just the bios image on a floppy or USB
stick (or on a MS partition on a hard drive).

However, for my friend Justin Case, I still have dos 6.3.  I used dd to
create floppy images and can make them whenever I need to.
Unfortunatly, since 6.3 isn't public domain, I can't email it to you.

When _does_ the licence on things like an old dos floppy expire or is it
like Shakespear, 100 years after IBM (its IBM dos) dies?


Well, I found some sites, like:
that has an floppy image that contains a bare freedos and room to put the upgrade files on.

has a floppy image of freedos and a readme that says to:

cat odin060.144 > /dev/fd0

Those images are all 1474560, apparently the size of an 1.44MB floppy.

The reason for all this is that I want to install XP from a 5 year old install CD that I have. But the manufacturer of my mobo Epox has a list of BIOS upgrades and one of them says:

"When On Chip USB control function was set all Enabled in BIOS setup install WinXP will hang."

So that seems to be a must for this mobo and the book is quite clear that you have to use a floppy to upgrade the BIOS.

I will find a place that still sells floppies and report back.


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