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Having a problem with something stupid I did with one of my computers running 
debian etch.  Using the computer primarily to serve 2 sites, a a blog, and a 
local LUG site..

Took the drive out of one pc with a slower processor, and put it in a newer pc 
I built with an athlon sempron processor and 1 gig ram.  Much, Much faster!!!  
The obvious problem is, X  server no longer starts, as xorg.conf is tailored 
for the other computer.  

I edited xorg.conf, and changed the device to the name of my video card, which 
I copied identically from where it is listed with lspci, and changed the 
driver name to trident which is what the card is.

it doesnt work, I know I have to change the screen too, but Im not sure where 
to get the correct info to put here. monitor type and such

My question is, is there a utility to run that will re detect my video 
hardware, and build a new xorg.conf so I can use x on this computer?  Im 
going crazy with different combinations of xorg.conf and cant get any to work 

thank you.

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