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Re: upgrading trashed my font display

>On Wed, 2006-11-29 at 20:35 +0000, matthew yee-king wrote:
>> Adam Hardy wrote:
>> > I upgraded a whole set of packages in etch using synaptic.
>> > 
>> > I answered several of the questions posed by the installation processses 
>> > of some of the packages but I must have answered one of them very 
>> > 
>> > Now my system-, firefox- and thunderbird text refuses to appear until I 
>> > drag the mouse across it.
>> > 
>> > I am not sure how I managed to trash the system and I don't see anything 
>> > immediate to restore it.
>> > 
>> > This is the same in KDE, Gnome and Enlightenment. Can someone tell me 
>> > where to start?
>> > 
>> Are you using the nvidia binary drivers? If so, I had this problem 
>> recently I think.  My solution is here:
>> http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20061122.213602.6eeb2583.en.html
>It worked!  I had previously installed the nVidia driver using nVidia's
>installer.  I used the same installer to uninstall (using the
>--uninstall argument) the module.  Then I used the instructions [1]
>linked from the above page to compile and install it the Debian way.
>Note that I had to uninstall the previous module first, or it didn't
>[1] http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/Debian-nVidia/installation.html

I am following these instructions and nvidia-glx won't install because it says xserver-common which is uninstallable because it's broken. 

I am using xorg not xfree86. Are these installation packages made only for xfree86? 

Of course I uninstalled the previous nvidia driver, so now x won't run and I can't reinstall the old nvidia driver because it wants a different GCC version. 

I guess I should go and google up some info on nvidia for xorg - but perhaps a fellow lister knows the answer already.


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