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Re: Harddisk Errors in Etch using Kernel 2.6.17 but not Kernel 2.6.8

On Saturday 02 December 2006 10:38, Salman Al-Rahma wrote:
> I've been using Sarge for a several months now with no problem , other
> than drooling over new software. So, as this is my desktop computer and
> not a server -my server runs a Slackware 10, and is running very fine,
> although I hope to find time to convert it to Debian 4.0 when it is
> Stable-, so as this is just a desktop computer.. I decided an upgrade is
> due.. so changed the sources in /etc/apt/sources.list  from stable to
> testing and did a dist-upgrade.
> I had many things not upgraded as I had used few packages from backport,
> so I did a manual apt-get install for each of them.. until apt-get
> upgrade showed that the whole system is up-to-date.
> But as updating a system is an ongoing process, I kept doing apt-get
> update ; apt-get upgrade every couple of days, and it worked fine.
> Until one day, I noticed that the system is very very slow. I checked
> and noticed that the DMA for the harddisk is turned off and when trying
> to turn it on the system stuck. I also noticed that during the boot
> process the kernel gives many strange errors related to the harddisk.
> So I rebooted the system using the kernel left from Sarge and the errors
> didn't show up and DMA was k and the performance was OK, although xorg
> didn't work.
> What is wrong? and how to rectify this?

One of the big differences between sarge and etch is the use of udev now 
rather than hotplug to discover your hardware. I just did a fresh install of 
etch and hotplug wasn't installed at all, just udev.

I don't know if that's what causing the trouble but it might be worth looking 
into. If you have the free space somewhere you could try a basic etch install 
from scratch and see how that works.

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