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Re: Large file uploads via PHP

John Miller wrote:
> We have a user who wants to upload podcasts to her website via PHP forms
> (Wordpress & Drupal).  Some of the podcasts are in the 60-minute+ range
> and take up over 100MB.  Has anyone on the list had experience with this
> sort of thing?
> Our setup:
> Dell PowerEdge 2400, 700MHz P3, 1.25 GB RAM, running stock Sarge
> 2.6.8-3-686 SMP kernel
> Apache 1.3.33 (standard Sarge build)
> PHP 4.3.10-18 (via suphp package), running as CGI
> Thus far, I've modified the following php settings:
> upload_max_size 250M
> post_max_size 500M
> memory_limit 500M
> max_execution_time 3600
> and the following Apache setting:
> Timeout 3600
> I had to modify Firefox as well, via about:config.
> After all this mucking around, the file still took 20 minutes to
> upload--over our LAN, no less!  While the file was being written to the
> upload_tmp_dir (/tmp), the php4 process gobbled over 100MB RAM.  If this
> only happened once a day, we might be able to live with it, but ten
> concurrent uploads of this size would pretty much bring things to a
> halt.  How have you all handled this?
> --John

You could use our Java upload applet her:


It's open source.


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